Our Vision

Anaheim youth, ages 12-18, have the basic needs, support, education/career development, and mental health resources to live long and healthy lives to fulfill their potential.

Our Mission

Through strategic coordination of resources and opportunities, ACT Anaheim equips and prepares youth and families to become empowered, gain healthy interdependence, and make suitable decisions into adulthood to build a strong and equitable community.

Our Focus

  • Mental resiliency to help youth cope with current/future challenges
  • Workforce development, career pathways and college readiness
  • Civic life and leadership led through youth voice and advocacy

Our ACT youth resiliency collaboration continues to expand through new multi-sector partners and program referrals to help Anaheim youth advance toward college, careers, and civic life.

We are a robust community partnership that is changing the lives of Anaheim youth and charting a course for its next generation of leaders. Accelerate Change Together (ACT) Anaheim is a collaboration among business, community and nonprofit leaders addressing gaps in services for at-risk youth. ACT Anaheim has a long history of serving youth collaboratively and actively utilizing referrals to connect youth to the programs and services that can best support them.

Our Focus:

  • Youth Mental Health Crisis Thanks to a $1 million Federal Grant, sponsored by Congressman Lou Correa, ACT Anaheim has been expanding preventative mental health services and programs for Anaheim youth to address the impact of Covid-19. According to the CDC, mental health-related emergency department visits for adolescents (12-17) have increased 31% compared with before the pandemic (https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7024e1.htm). The NIH also highlights protective factors to mitigate the impact of Covid-19: access to supportive adults, additional school support services and increased access to mental health supports. ACT Anaheim partners are expanding preventative support for youth before they need intensive outpatient programs.
  • Workforce Development A major focus of the collaboration is to prepare our youth to be contributing members of society where they earn a living wage and escape the poverty issues that many are growing up with in Anaheim. The poverty rate in Anaheim, California is 5.69% higher than the California average. In Anaheim, California, an estimated 13.0% of 344,426 people live in poverty. (https://www.welfareinfo.org/poverty-rate/california/anaheim/) ACT’s initiatives educate and train youth to meet the needs of current and future business and industry, with special focus on the culinary and hospitality industry. Collaborative partners offer college readiness programs, career exploration, and trade school preparation.
  • Building Our Future Leaders ACT Anaheim believes in preparing our youth for leadership positions and empowering them to share their voices and opinions to build a better tomorrow. The ACT Collaborative provides numerous leadership programs to prepare Anaheim youth to prosper.

The Anaheim Community Foundation’s stewardship of the ACT collaboration has focused on bringing in additional key partners to work closely with CBO’s, including closer coordination with the Anaheim school districts, the City of Anaheim and the business community. 

New Partners are Welcome! 
Please contact Executive Director Janis Heckel at janis@anaheimcf.org to learn more.
ACT Anaheim Partners