The Anaheim Community Foundation is a non-profit public benefit corporation established in 1984. The Foundation supports a broad base of programs, services, organizations, and facilities that enrich the lives of Anaheim residents. A volunteer Board of Directors provides leadership and manages donations to ensure they are returned to the community to meet vital needs.



We build community through people, partnerships, and pride.

  • Strengthen community-based organizations to address community needs.
  • Promote volunteerism and community participation.
  • Inspire community pride and unity through community programs and events.
  • Provide opportunities to make charitable investments that directly benefit the Anaheim community.


The Anaheim Community Foundation (ACF) recognizes the diversity of the Anaheim community and the value of achieving inclusiveness and equity in its programs, activities and governance that reflects and respects that diversity. ACF believes that doing so will better develop and sustain its mission to strengthen the Anaheim community through people, partnerships and pride. 

ACF shares a common goal of accepting, respecting, affirming and valuing the diversity of the Anaheim community by committing itself not to discriminate against persons or entities based upon race, color, religion, age, gender, national origin, veteran status, economic status, marital status, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression or any other characteristic protected by law. Beyond that, ACF pledges itself to promote those principles in the community it serves through its actions, programs and activities.

ACF commits to implementing these objectives through ALL aspects of its operations, including, but not limited to, projects, events, disbursement of grants, advocacy, board development, vendors, communications, staffing and outreach. As part of this commitment, ACF shall institute as a condition to any ACF grant, that the grantee certify that any programs supported by funds received from ACF shall be open and available without regard for the race, color, religion, gender, national origin, veteran status, economic status, marital status, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression or any other characteristic protected by law of the potential participants, unless the program is designed to target and aid a specific group in a way that is consistent with federal and state law. ACF also shall incorporate provisions in its grants that allows for monitoring of the use of the grant and permits rescinding and relinquishment of part or all of the grant if the terms are violated. 

Moreover, ACF is committed to incorporating policies of diversity, equity and inclusiveness in its governance of the foundation and by recruiting board members that reflect the broad diversity of the Anaheim community. 


In today’s melting pot society, young people need positive alternatives to gangs and other risk factors. ACF grants and scholarships help develop self-esteem while promoting personal and community responsibility. Projects emphasize the value of staying in school, job training, and outlets for organized recreational activities for youth, teens and adults.


ACF provides community support to enable facilities such as libraries or Pearson Park Amphitheater to provide affordable opportunities for families to experience music, dance and theater arts.


Not all of our fellow citizens have the physical abilities to participate in the many community activities. ACF is committed to assisting those with disabilities to develop their own social skills with confidence and independence by supporting programs for seniors, therapeutic recreation, and various human services.


In 2012-13, ACF conducted an Anaheim Youth Service Assessment with130 stakeholders, with focus group input from parents and community leaders. Among the priorities that emerged from this study are:

  • Safe programs for youth
  • Experiential leadership opportunities for teens
  • Family involvement
  • Community collaboration


The Anaheim Community Foundation has been recognized for its community service and leadership through several awards, including:

  • Disneyland Community Services Awards
  • Stop-Gap’s Spotlight Award
  • Canyon Hills Community Council Helping Hands Award
  • Anaheim Community Services Department
  • California Park and Recreation Society District Ten Award